preschool education

What is the importance of preschool education?

Pre-school education or kindergarten is considered essential in the learning process of children. It allows them to develop more easily and more quickly, personal and cognitive skills and abilities. It offers several advantages, and it has even been shown that children who have completed three years of kindergarten tend to do better in elementary school. It is therefore easy to understand why preschool education has become compulsory for children in France.

What is the role of preschool education?

For those who don’t know, pre- school education is nothing more than the second name for kindergarten . This is an essential step that must take place in the course of the students, in order to increase their chances of academic success. She plays several roles, but her very first mission is to instill in children a love for studies.

Indeed, enrolling a child in kindergarten gives him the desire to go to school very early on. He will be able to consider this educational place as a place where he can learn, affirm his personality and flourish.

The setting is designed and laid out in such a way as to allow children to learn together , to accept each other despite their differences and to live together. On site, they will be able to develop their oral language, gain confidence and learn to express their point of view. They also learn to write, calculate, and develop skills in many other areas.

The most interesting thing is that in a kindergarten, children learn new concepts while having fun . They learn to think and conduct logical reasoning in order to solve problems. They practice on a daily basis, and also learn to use their memory. They even have the chance to develop their creative and artistic spirit through several activities such as drawing, theater, poetry, etc.

What are the objectives of preschool education?

It is important to know that learning in a kindergarten is based on programs established by experts in neuroscience. Learning is also designed to respect the different phases of children’s brain development.

Thus, preschool education as a whole seeks to achieve several specific objectives related to the well-being, development and growth of children. These include in particular:

Provide children with a safe place supervised by professionals

Every parent can safely entrust their children to a preschool education center, because all the provisions are made to ensure the well-being of the little ones. You will find trained and experienced professionals there, who will be happy to take care of your children.

They will be responsible for supporting them in their development, helping them to become more aware of the world around them. Thus, as parents, you can go about your daily business with the guarantee that your little ones are in good hands.

You will be able to devote yourself entirely to your career, your household chores and your social obligations throughout the day.

Offer children a place of socialization where they learn to live together

Preschool education allows children to discover school and learn to live in society. They learn to live in a group and to develop a spirit of tolerance. They interact with other children and also with members of the teaching staff, which allows them to overcome shyness and assert their personality.

They make new friends, and usually, these are lifelong friendships. They also learn the rules of life as well as the codes to be respected in class and in society in general.

Give children the chance to develop their autonomy

Finally, preschool education is also an institution that empowers children and makes them more independent. They develop personal skills, learn to take care of their belongings, put away their work tools after each activity and they acquire many skills.

In summary, the importance of preschool education is well established. In addition to the many benefits it brings to the child educationally and also socially, it also allows parents to entrust their children to professionals with peace of mind.

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