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10 tips for passing exams

Whether you’ve been working hard all year or not, as exams approach, you’re getting more and more stressed. Because you want to be able to graduate, are you looking for advice on how to revise well? So together let’s come back to 10 simple tips to apply to do well in your exams.

1/ Make a revision schedule

To be successful in any field, it is essential to set a goal, as well as to have a precise timetable in mind. Studies have demonstrated its impact on motivation. So, before diving into revisions, there’s nothing like evaluating the program to be assimilated and making a schedule, which you will then have to stick to (which is sometimes the most difficult).

2/ Ideal working conditions

It’s hard to learn a lesson when you’re slumped in bed or with the little brother playing video games next to you.

To pass your exams, and prepare well for your lessons, nothing beats enjoying a serene and organized work environment . So, we get up from the sofa, and we sit down at his tidy desk!

3/ Take breaks

Do you feel like you’ll never be able to take it all in, so you work harder and work too long, too long? There is no point in spending hours in front of your course sheets, after a certain period of time, your brain is no longer able to fully assimilate all the information. We therefore agree to a small break of 10 minutes per hour of work.

4/ Set milestones in your journey

In front of the workload, you have the impression of not being able to do it, and barely started, you are already totally demotivated. To better revise, there is nothing like setting milestones. We therefore break down the program into small sections, which will be as many objectives to achieve.

5/ The importance of physical activity

Everyone knows that sport is excellent for your health. And in periods of revisions and exams it is even more true. Practicing regular physical activity helps you to take care of yourself, to boost your possibilities and your metabolism, but also and above all to evacuate pressure, stress and negative emotions.

6/ Revise and learn according to your method

Some learn best by reading, others need to repeat out loud. There are those who like to learn by reciting, singing, and those who need to do cards. To pass your exams, do not follow all the advice you glean here and there, follow your own method, the one that suits you and not others.

7/ A balanced lifestyle

To pass your exams, it is essential to have a good rhythm of life throughout the revision period. We are talking here specifically about your sleep. So instead of spending your nights digging into your classes and being very tired the next day, opt for a good night’s sleep, which will help you better memorize the different information of the day.

8/ Food supplements and other aids

Natural capsules to take at the end of the meal to fight against stress, Bach flowers to boost memory, or other food supplements, these different natural solutions can support your body subjected to severe tests during this period.

Also favors carbohydrates and slow sugars .

9/ Good control of your emotions

The exam period is particularly stressful and generates many different feelings. To be at your best and at your best on exam day, learn to control your emotions and verbalize them. Stop being overwhelmed by stress, learn some simple breathing exercises that will help you relax.

10/ Rethink your relationship to failure

Finally, if you are so stressed, it is because you are afraid of failing your exam. Rethink failure, see it as a normal step in the student journey, accept that it can happen. This will already relieve you of a very heavy pressure, which will allow you to concentrate on the essentials!

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